Your ultimate guide to scrunchies for all hair types

From the runway to music videos, TV shows to your Instagram feed, scrunchies have truly gone where no hair tie has gone before—including space missions and The Smithsonian Museum.

While the scrunchie really blew up in the late 80s and all throughout the 90s, worn by all the decades’ icons, from Madonna to Sarah Jessica Parker and even Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen as the lovable Michelle on Full House, the hair accessory has made a roaring comeback over the past few years.

Even male celebrities have embraced the scrunchie, actor Jason Mamoa – probably the most famous to do it. The Aquaman star revealed his head-turning pink tuxedo that he wore to the 2019 Oscars was actually inspired by a pink scrunchie his hairdresser had give him. His most important accessory that night? A custom pink velvet scrunchie designed and made by Fendi that he wore on his wrist. He’s been famously photographed with scrunchies ever since.

While we could continue our Jason Mamoa lovefest, we digress.

From A-listers to your everyday beauty (we’re talking to you), when it comes to hair accessories, the scrunchie may just be a girl’s (or gu犀利士
y’s) best friend. In fact, the original scrunchie prototype was actually called Scunchie after the inventor’s dog.

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