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Our Satin hair ties are soft, comfortable and durable. You can match different styles. Whether you are elegant or generous or lively and cute or simple and capable, our hair ties can satisfy you. When you participate in parties, birthday parties, graduation ceremonies, cultural performances or travel, our hair circle can always add a little different color to make you stand out. Because each hair ring has a different color and pattern, you can change one every day for a month.

1. Scrunchies Are Good for Your Hair.
They won’t cause breakage.

The layer of fabric around the elastic band means that your hair won’t get tangled and knotted with a scrunchie. I have used good hair ties and no matter what they always pull my hair out. The same goes for my daughter. Trying to take a hair tie out of a 2 year old’s hair is not easy and the hair ties always have hair stuck to it when I remove them. A scrunchie won’t do that.

The fabric should be soft and it will glide over the strands and not pull and tug.

They won’t leave kinks.

My hair ties always leave kinks in my hair. Especially because I sleep with them on. I wake up every day with a kink and a strange wave in my hair. Scrunchies won’t do that.
They are so soft and gentle on your hair strands and they shouldn’t leave deep kinks in your hair that are difficult to get out the next day.
2. Scrunchies are Fashionable and Stylish.
Scrunchies are a true accessory. With all the fun patterns and fabrics, you can change up your look so easily by switching them out. I love all the different patterns and textures that are available now.

They make a statement and depending on the pattern you choose can really dress up an outfit! Just like handbags and shoes they can really add to a look.

3. Scrunchies Are So Much Prettier Than A Hair Tie.
A hair tie just isn’t very noticeable and blends in with your hair. Scrunchies makes a statement… AND wearing them on your wrist is like wearing a bracelet because they are so pretty!!

I don’t know about you, but I am the worst about leaving a black hair band on my wrist. I’m shocked I made it down the aisle without it on my wrist!! The scrunchie will look pretty on your wrist and it won’t leave an indentation!

4. They Just Feel Good.
Scrunchies won’t give you headaches because they don’t pull your hair tight. You can leave the scrunchie loose enough to hold your hair, but not pull it so tight that it makes you uncomfortable.